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This is a fan community for the anime series Spider Riders. I'd like this to be a fun, friendly place for discussing the series, so there are a few rules.

1. No flaming or bashing. You have the right to disagree with other members, but please be polite about it. Also, do not bash individual characters from the series. You don't have to like every character, but keep it to yourself. This includes bashing within fanfics (unless of course it's in a light-hearted, comical nature).

2. Please keep all fanworks behind a cut. This includes fanfiction, fanart, colorbars, avatars, etc. If you're posting a fanfic, please include an appropriate age-rating.

3. Please keep all spoilers behind a cut.

4. Use proper grammer. This means no chat-speak or l33t-speak.

5. This community is for discussing Spider Riders. Keep all posts relevant.